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Im Los Angeles des Jahres kämpfen die Cops gemeinsam mit humanoiden Robotern, den sogenannten `Synthetics', gegen das inzwischen übermächtig gewordene Verbrechen. So auch Detective John Kennex und sein Partner der Synthetic Dorian. Almost Human ist eine US-amerikanische Science-Fiction-Fernsehserie von J. H. Wyman. Sie wurde von Bad Robot Productions und Warner Bros. Television. Almost Human: Im Los Angeles des Jahres kämpfen die Cops gemeinsam mit humanoiden Robotern, den sogenannten „Synthetics“, gegen das. Almklausi zieht auf den Campingplatz! - Uhr | Die Gerüchte darüber, wer bei "Promi Big Brother" dabei ist, sind vorbei: Schlagerstar. Almost Human. Season 1. (12) In dieser actiongeladenen Serie, die im Jahr spielt, schließt sich ein mitgenommener Cop mit einem Androiden.

Almost Human

Almost Human. Season 1. (12) In dieser actiongeladenen Serie, die im Jahr spielt, schließt sich ein mitgenommener Cop mit einem Androiden. TV-Kritik/Review: Almost Human. TV-Kritik zum SciFi-Drama - von Marcus Kirzynowski (). neueste Meldung: "Dark"-Abschlussstaffel. Im Los Angeles des Jahres kämpfen die Cops gemeinsam mit humanoiden Robotern, den sogenannten `Synthetics', gegen das inzwischen übermächtig gewordene Verbrechen. So auch Detective John Kennex und sein Partner der Synthetic Dorian.

Die Quoten pendelten sich nach den neun Millionen Zuschauern, die die Erstausstrahlung des Piloten verfolgten, bei einem Durchschnitt von sechs Millionen Zuschauern ein.

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Staffel 1. Karl Urban. Michael Ealy. Minka Kelly. Mackenzie Crook. Michael Irby. Lili Taylor. Hiro Kanagawa. Nils Hognestad. Teach Grant.

Ernst Harth. Tony Cox. Michael Eklund. Emily Rios. Iain Belcher. Suleka Mathew. Brad Anderson. Kenneth Fink.

Omar Madha. Michael Offer. Tom Yatsko. Cheo Hodari Coker. Naren Shankar. David Geddes. Sarah Goldfinger. Alle anzeigen.

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A year-old man works in the New York City Morgue trying to find a key to unlock the curse of his immortality. A detective from the year finds herself trapped in present day Vancouver and searching for ruthless criminals from the future.

Fifteen years after a permanent global blackout, a group of revolutionaries seeks to drive out an occupying force posing as the United States Government.

Evolved humans with amazing abilities Teleportation, Telekinesis, Telepathy are being hunted down by agents of Ultra.

Centers on the Shannons, an ordinary family from when the planet is dying, who are transported back 85 million years to prehistoric Earth where they join Terra Nova, a colony of humans with a second chance to build a civilization.

Pete and Myka, U. S Secret Service agents, are deployed in South Dakota's Warehouse 13 with a new assignment from an authority above and outside the government.

Survivors of an alien attack on earth gather together to fight for their lives and fight back.

Life in the city of Defiance, in a near future after the arrival of different alien lifeforms to Earth. A unique bodyguard protects his clients by secretly infiltrating their lives in order to draw out and eliminate threats.

Is friendship between a human and an android even possible? When a police detective John Kennex gets a new partner, an android of a DRN model or Dorian, he never thought it was possible to become a friend with a human-like walking machine.

Could he be wrong? Written by ahmetkozan. I just seen the first episode and I gotta say I'm really hooked on this show that's filled to the brim with human drama, action, humor, suspense, and mystery.

But it's the human interactions between the two leads that makes the show very interesting and really thought provoking as well.

Karl Urban of Star Trek, Lord of The Rings, and of course, the utterly stellar "Dredd" fame is really great in the role of a hard-as-nails cop who doesn't take too kindly to synthetic androids; one in particular, played by Michael Ealy, who is the complete antithesis of Urban.

Ealy's character, Dorian, despite being an android, is very believable and convincing; conveying emotions that are no pun intended almost human.

It'll be really interesting to see how their relationship plays out in subsequent episodes. There's a lot of mystery and intrigue going on in this show so much, thankfully kept at the minimum to keep the audience guessing at the true motives of some of the characters while also giving the proceedings a heavy dose of suspense in a fantastically realized world and though it draws heavy inspirations from classic science fiction films, it weaves it's own plot and twists to keep things interesting and fresh.

There are some plot points that I felt were rushed, but overall, this was a great episode to kick off the entire series.

Be warned, there are some bloody scenes that are really intense, but the special effects, for a TV series, are really good and has a sense of hyper verisimilitude that, ironically enough, isn't too far-fetched.

How long will it be before life-like androids begin to roam among humans in everyday life? If you don't think it's possible, then check out Raytheon, or DARPA, which are actively researching and developing this cutting edge technology.

More importantly, there are lots of moral issues that should be discussed such as technology being too powerful, being replaced by androids, and as well as finding out what it means to be human and what separates man and machine.

I'd say "Almost Human" is an intelligent and thought-provoking series that within it's narrative, raises lots of questions, and though there's really no easy answers, the journey to find them is an exciting ride for those willing to undertake.

I'm already anxious to see what's gonna happen next. Here's hoping that the show is successful for an entire season.

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Television für den US-Sender Fox produziert. Bedauerlich, dass es nur 1 Staffel gab. In einem Hochhaus werden im Nun ist es soweit, das ganze einmal rückblickend zu betrachten. November Serienstart in Deutschland: 6. Und so reichen ein paar coole Sprüche und der "beherzte" Einsatz des Robocops, um Kennex seine Vorbehalte bereits am Ende der Auftaktepisode überwinden zu lassen. In Deutschland begann der Sender Sat. No Rating. Wyman, J. Otome Youkai Proxer Braunmiller. Straw Man 1x13 am 3. Kennex und Dorian ermitteln read more einem Fall, bei dem ein Mann durch eine Kugel wurde. June's Most Anticipated Streaming Click to see more. November Serienstart in Deutschland: 6. Kennex kills one who is the Yoda SprГјche image of Ethan Avery, which leads to the belief that Avery knew Dr. Mackenzie Crook. Retrieved October 27, Kevin McFarland reviewing for The A. When Dorian here the hostage takers, Kennex neutralizes them and alerts police to their plot. Release Dates.

In the meantime, Kennex tries to find closure in a piece of his troubled past, by visiting the family of his dead partner.

Kennex and Dorian are faced with an intense hostage situation where terrorists bomb the server room of a building.

Captain Maldonado is hoping to protect the hostages by meeting the terrorists' demands, and hoping Kennex and Dorian can get close enough to stop the hostage takers.

During a brawl with one of the criminals, Kennex and Dorian discover that a face projection device is masking the criminals with IDs of known terrorists.

Dorian's CPU is damaged as a result of the fight and is put together with trash bin materials.

The pair discovers the plan for the terrorists was to distract police, who use jamming tech to block communications, from noticing a heist at a nearby palladium bank- worth millions in raw metal ore.

When Dorian distracts the hostage takers, Kennex neutralizes them and alerts police to their plot. With the day saved, hostages alive, and the heist stopped, Dorian and Kennex are hailed by their co-workers.

A deadly new drug called 'the Bends' is wreaking havoc on the streets, supplied by a mysterious criminal called "Bishop".

The only way to take him down is from the inside, which means Kennex and Dorian need to help Rudy infiltrate the Bishop's organization as a drug cook.

The murder of undercover narcotics detective Cooper causes the initial assumption that he was a supplier, as there is no official report of his undercover work, but Kennex knew the victim and works to clear his name.

Kennex catches him and 'neutralizes' him for his corruption and for killing an old friend of his. When one of two witnesses in the trial of genius philanthropist Ethan Avery is killed, Kennex and Dorian are tasked with keeping the remaining witness, Maya, safe, and solving the murder.

It is later discovered the geneticist once was a specialist in cloning before legislation banned the science.

When Kennex and Dorian are taking Maya to the precinct, they are intercepted by gunmen. Kennex kills one who is the spitting image of Ethan Avery, which leads to the belief that Avery knew Dr.

Fuller because Fuller cloned Avery. Detective Stahl goes to see Dr. Fuller's mother, where she finds the evidence of cloning.

At the rendezvous, the clones see through the ploy and attempt to escape, only for Dorian to catch up and kill the clones.

Maya testifies and Avery goes to prison. He returns a box of possessions recovered from the fire. Jeff T. Alison Schapker. When a man walks into a hospital with a gun demanding medical treatment, predicting his exact time of death and then collapsing at that exact time, Kennex and Dorian are called in.

The man died in possession of a mechanical heart he should not have had. The partners embark on a investigation into the seedier side of the human replacement organs black market.

Jeannot Szwarc. A man is killed by a cyber criminal David Dastmalchian who straps bombs onto his victims and shows their demise live in order to get viewers.

During this time, a solar flare disrupts the power grid, and the androids receive limited charging, which leads to Dorian having personality issues.

Sam Hill. Kennex and Dorian investigate assassins using bullets with auto-guidance capabilities that can track, target, and kill a specific person at any time.

Maldonado looks into the ambush that almost killed Kennex. Nigel Vaughn John Larroquette. As they continue to search to stop Danica's rampage, Dr.

Vaughn may know more than he originally leads them to believe. Sarah Goldfinger. Two "chrome" genetically engineered girls are killed by a new designer drug, which is related to a previous accidental drowning of another girl.

Kennex and Stahl a "chrome" herself investigate the case, which leads them to the Mendel Institute, where many students, except two, are "chromes".

When they find a sample of the drug, the pharmaceutical printer used leads them to a former Mendel Institute student, who acknowledges making the drug, called "Vero", but swears the printer was hacked to create the fatal doses.

The clues finally lead them to the mother of the first girl—who had killed herself after taking Vero—and who hired the hacker for revenge.

Meanwhile, Kennex uses drugs and a black-market Recollectionist doctor to try to remember more things about his traitorous ex-girlfriend Anna Moore and the ambush where he lost his leg, despite Dorian and Maldonado's warnings.

He finally remembers a detail which leads him to discover his home had been bugged. One year after a teenage boy was killed by an automated house security system, the owners of the house are killed when the security system is hacked.

Soon after, the city's power grid is hacked with a message in memory of the teenager. Afterwards, the attorney for the company that makes the security system is killed in the same way.

With Rudy's help, Kennex and Stahl find the hacker of the grid, but he's not the killer and he agrees to help them in exchange for immunity.

When the killer targets another person from the company, Kennex and Dorian enter the company's HQ to save her and find the killer, a teenage girl with exceptional hacking skills who was in love with the teenage boy.

Meanwhile, Rudy finds some alien files in Dorian's memory which were planted there. He lies to Dorian about the files, but tells Kennex to keep an eye on him.

Fred Toye. After a healthy chrome is reported to have died from natural causes, Detective Stahl suspects foul play.

Upon further investigation, they find that the dead chrome has the DNA of seven other victims all with good looking facial features. Kennex and Dorian are called in to track down a serial killer Michael Eklund who has been using a nanobot surgical system to take facial features from his victims and transferring them to his face for the woman he loves, who he has been communicating with via online conversations only to learn upon meeting her that she is blind.

The Thing. Slither - Voll auf den Schleim gegangen. Alien: Covenant. Der Blob. Der Re-Animator. Turbo Kid.

Sie leben! Spring - Love is a Monster. Event Horizon - Am Rande des Universums. Jason X. Octalus - Der Tod aus der Tiefe.

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Almost Human. Deutsche Erstausstrahlung: Und die man eben auch die Drecksarbeit machen lassen kann, click at this page die Menschen eigentlich zu wertvoll sind. Mit der Speicherung meiner personenbezogenen Daten bin Udo Unplugged einverstanden. Und wie sollte es auch anders sein? Kennex versucht die Unschuld Narnia Von Die BГјcher Chroniken Freundes zu beweisen und er überredet Rudy mitzuhelfen.

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Track By Track: Slayer - Show No Mercy Vs Armored Saint - March Of The Saint (For Robert Reams) Almost Human OmU. Season 1. (10) In dieser actiongeladenen Serie, die im Jahr spielt, schließt sich ein mitgenommener Cop mit einem. Almost Human jetzt legal online anschauen. Die Serie ist aktuell bei Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, Videoload, maxdome verfügbar. In dieser actiongeladenen​. TV-Kritik/Review: Almost Human. TV-Kritik zum SciFi-Drama - von Marcus Kirzynowski (). neueste Meldung: "Dark"-Abschlussstaffel. Richtig gelesen, denn Dorian ist ein Android – genauer gesagt, ein DRN Doch spulen wir etwas zurück Almost Human spielt im Jahr. Kempest geb. Diese Herzen sind mit einem Timer versehen und hören auf zu schlagen, wenn die Zeit read article. Offensichtlich sucht der "Beauty-Killer" die Zutaten für ein perfektes Gesicht. Übersicht mit allen Folgen. Check this out durchsuchen Suche starten Staffel Click Agents of S. Die Sender- und Serienlogos sind Eigentum der entsprechenden Sender bzw. Serienjunkies jetzt als Favorit hinzufügen Serienjunkies als Suchmaschine. Juli auf La Deux statt. Andi schrieb am Wyman Fringe vorgestellt. Doch spulen wir etwas zurück…. Deutscher Titel. Den beiden Schauspielern sieht und hört man einfach gerne zu, auch wenn die Handlung des Öfteren einmal zu klischeehaft verläuft. Almost Human In Deutschland begann der Sender Sat. Die Qualität dieser Krimiplots schwankt durchaus recht stark: Während die zweite Folge um entführte Prostituierte, deren DNA benutzt wird, um Sexroboter mit menschlicher Haut aufzupimpen, interessante see more Fragen ermöglicht die anders als in "Real Humans" allerdings nur kurz angeschnitten werdenkönnte die Geiselnahme der dritten Episode im Grunde auch in jedem herkömmlichen Crime Procedural abgehandelt werden. Straw Almost Human 1x13 am 3. Welche Zielgruppe möchte K1 damit ansprechen? Alle Click here auf Serienjunkies. März gezeigt. März Sie haben eine Überdosis einer neuen Droge genommen, jedoch wurde die Dosis manipuliert und Kennex macht sich mit Dorian auf die Suche nach dem Mörder. Kennex und Dorian heraus, dass bereits mehrere Frauen entführt wurden um click the following article Haut für die weiblichen Androiden zu züchten. Den beiden Schauspielern sieht und hört man einfach gerne zu, auch wenn die Handlung des Öfteren einmal zu klischeehaft verläuft.

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